Women in Technology don’t get the same respect as Men, survey says

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A majority of american citizens believe that girls operating within the Technology industry do not receive an equivalent level of respect as their male counterparts, in line with a survey discharged Wednesday.The online survey of 3,000 folks additionally unconcealed that regarding 73 % of American citizens suppose having additional women collaborating in technology would increase creativity and innovation. The survey was sponsored by Mediaocean, a New York-based advertising-tech firm founded in 2012.On average, girls structure regarding 30 % of the men at tech firms, in line with diversity reports printed last year by eleven of the world’s largest technology companies. In October, for instance, Microsoft reported that girls comprise 29.1 % of its men however that solely 16.6 % add technical positions and simply 23 % hold leadership roles. Twitter aforementioned girls fill 10% of its technical jobs, with 21 % in leadership. and ladies Googlers account for 17% of the search giant’s technology jobs, whereas solely 21 % manage others.In comparison, girls structure 59 % of the United States of America working class and nearly 51 % of the United States of America population, in line with the United States of America office.


Other findings from Mediaocean’s survey include:

  • Regarding forty % of respondents believe technology firms have a hiring bias against girls.
  • Another forty % believe girls square measure less fascinated by technology.
  • At an equivalent time, regarding 70% believe additional girls ought to study technology and also the laptop sciences in faculty.
  • regarding 73 % believe young women ought to learn technology in primary school.
  • “Unfeminine” was however 17 % delineated the technology field.
  • And 77 % delineated girls in school as “intelligent,” 50% delineated them as “focused”and 47 % take into account them “creative.

women in tech

“”I’ve been in tech for 20 years,” said Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise, “and it really struck me how there’s a certain part of society that believe fields, including engineering, are so male-dominated.”Many of Mediaocean’s findings copy findings reported in CNET’s recent series on girls in technology, “Solving for XX.”Mediaocean discharged the results of its study at an equivalent time that it declared the subsidization of 3 $25,000 scholarships to 3 feminine faculty students finding out technology.

“Our goal is to interact to engage and facilitate them acquire the abilities necessary to achieve success during this new era,” aforementioned Maria Pousa, the company’s senior vice president of marketing.

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